Yosemite National Park Area

Yosemite National Park Area




Domes and spires soar thousands of feet above the floor of Yosemite Valley while some of the world’s highest waterfalls plunge over its cliffs. Make the most of your trip to Yosemite with this 3-in-1 map that features a regional map of the central Sierras, an enlarged map of Yosemite Park, and a magnified view of Yosemite Valley. Updates include new map styles and recent place name updates within Yosemite National Park. Includes thoroughly researched Recreation Guides and Index.

ISBN: 9780783499253   Cover: 4″ x 9″   Sheet: 18″ x 35.75″

Maps Scales:
Yosemite Region ~1:285,000
National Park Map ~1:170,000
Yosemite Valley Map ~1:31,680

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