Utah Road & Recreation Atlas

Utah Road & Recreation Atlas



Utah is well established as a recreation playground, from world-class skiing in the north to 5 amazing national parks in the south. Our Utah Road & Recreation Atlas is designed to help locals and visitors make the most of the wealth of attractions that Utah has to offer. You’ll find hundreds of recreation sites, fishing spots, and hunting areas as well as a myriad of parks, natural wonders, and historic sites dotted across the state. Our Landscape Maps show all drive-able Utah roads, classed by surface and purpose, and hundreds of campgrounds and recreation access points. Large-scale metro maps of the Wasatch Front are also included.

Dimensions: 16″ x 11″. 96 pages. 9th Edition Revised, 2022. ISBN 9780929591216

Map Scales: Recreation Maps 1:730,000 1″=11.5 miles. Landscape Maps 1:250,000 1″=3.9 miles. Metro Maps 1:170,000 1″=2.7 miles


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