Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas

Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas



Since 1995, Benchmark Maps has been driving and mapping the American West, publishing award-winning recreation maps and atlases. The first edition Baja California Road & Recreation Atlas showcases the diverse recreation opportunities found along the full length of the Baja California Peninsula. State maps illustrate and describe both states, Baja California & Baja California Sur. Regional maps provide a wider view of the region and Recreation Guides list an array of attractions for trip planning. Landscape Maps™ provide the most detail, bringing the peninsula’s rugged terrain into focus with land cover data, shaded relief, and a detailed road network to aid travelers navigating between cities or seeking remote destinations.

Landscape Maps

  • Large scale maps with detailed road classifications, points-of-interest, landmarks, elevations
  • Kilometer markers on major highways
  • Page-to-page map overlap, clear legibility
  • National Parks and Wildlife Areas

Recreation Guides

  • Regional maps at medium scale illustrate broader views and longer routes
  • Focused maps & listings for La Paz, Los Cabos Corridor, and wineries of Valle de Guadalupe
  • Recreation categories include:
    • Parks, Monuments, Natural Wonders
    • Boating & Fishing Access, Beaches
    • Historic Missions & Ruins
    • Campgrounds & RV Parks

1st edition, 2021. ISBN: 9781734315059

Map Scales: Landscape Maps 1:300,000   Recreation Maps 1:1,000,000    La Paz & Los Cabos Recreation Maps 1:150,000


*Benchmark Maps extends a special thank you to David Kier for his invaluable editorial assistance. Kier’s seminal book Baja California Land of Missions is an essential resource for anyone wanting to learn and explore the history of Baja California’s Spanish Missions. Learn more at

Learn more about Benchmark’s Baja California atlas project in this episode of the Slow Baja podcast.


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