JAPAN Wall Map (Duplicate)

JAPAN Wall Map (Duplicate)

JAPAN Wall Map (Duplicate)


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by Benchmark Maps and Summit Terragraphics

Framed  38" wide x 55" tall

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In July of 2019, the biennial International Cartographic Conference was held in Tokyo, Japan. This ICC coincided with the Japanese national holiday "Marine Day" which celebrates the strong bond between the island country and the bountiful ocean that surrounds it. For this occasion, Benchmark Maps teamed up with Summit Terragraphics to produce this raised-relief map as a showpiece for the event's International Cartographic Exhibition.



This large, reference map portrays Japan in all three-dimensions. Summit Terragraphics created the terrain model to match Benchmark's high-resolution elevation datasets. The map is printed on a flat, rigid plastic film, then carefully warmed and vacuum-thermoform-molded to the precise terrain shape. Vertical exaggeration (8x) is used to visually dramatize the landscape and to emphasize the extraordinary submarine topography. At a closer look the finely tuned cartography comes into view. Names of cities, towns, and rivers appear, along with mountain peaks and seamounts with elevations, revealing a level of detail that is not expected at a distance. This highly accurate editorial content was compiled and edited in consultation with several industry colleagues in the U.S. and Japan.


The map was revealed a week earlier at the Esri User Conference in San Diego. From over 1,000 entries into the Esri Map Gallery, this map won both the ICA-IMIA and Esri Cartography SIG awards for cartographic excellence.



The map shows all areas over which Japan claims sovereignty. Disputes with other nations are notated as historical facts that are necessary to fully tell the modern geographic story of Japan.


Here's a look at the 2D map, also available for purchase here [link].


This map was made possible by the collaborative efforts of Benchmark Maps, Summit Terragraphics, Esri-Japan, Esri-USA, International Mapping, Maps.com, and the U.S. Department of State. We sincerely appreciate their valuable efforts and help in creating what we think is the best map of Japan on the market today.