Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas

Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas

Nevada Road & Recreation Atlas


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Nevada has long been known as the wildest adventure state in the lower 48, and this atlas is the first atlas to fully corral all of its marvels and outdoor potential. Careful and thorough field checking and local research assure users the best Nevada outdoor experience possible. Recreation maps show hunting units and public lands, emphasizing historic trails and points of interest. Special metro maps of Las Vegas and Reno, and a dazzling view of Lake Tahoe make this a complete atlas for the home or car. Dimensions: 16" x 11". 96 pages. 5th Edition 2016. ISBN 978-0-929591-92-6

Map Scales:Recreation Maps 1:850,000 1" = 13.4 miles.Landscape Maps 1:280,000 1" = 4.4 miles. Metro Maps 1:100,000 1" = 1.6 miles.

Recreation Maps:

NV Pg 28 - Rec MAP 8

NV pg 90 Lake Tahoe

Landscape Maps:

NV pg 62-63 (31-32)

Landscape Detail:

NV pg 82-83 (51-52)