Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas

Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas

Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas


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New 6th edition (2018) coming in November.

***Our Landscape Maps (blue section of atlas) are available for digital download in the Avenza Maps app for iOS & Android. Click HERE for more info.

Fully revised Landscape Maps that now feature:

  • Ground cover or vegetation as the base layer, rather than elevation-based color.This brings the Colorado atlas in "base carto" alignment with several titles we've done this to in recent years with positive feedback and increased sales.
  • New overlay for BLM (yellow) and State (blue) lands, a big plus for hunters.
  • Hundreds of edits to road detail & condition and POI data, made as recent as March 2015. For example, this is the only atlas which correctly shows Browns Canyon National Monument (designated Feb 2015).

Recreation Guide improvements:

  • Re-compiled recreation data for every POI and resource contact (parks, field offices).
  • Reworked Mountain Recreation pages feature new listings and a clear view of all of Colorado's 14ers (even the ones that don't count).
  • A page-pair of destination photos and descriptions that help suggest iconic and out of the way destinations for travelers.

Benchmark's Colorado Road & Recreation Atlas captures the story of Colorado... it's fast-moving history, tremendous mountains, deep canyons, and range of climates. This atlas is a product of many minds, all committed to the same purpose – providing a complete a picture as possible of the Centennial State. The Landscape Maps reveal landforms with amazing realism and detail clearly showing how the state’s vast network of roads and local recreation landmarks fit into the countryside. A complete 30-page Recreation Guide lists a myriad of outdoor activities, arranged by category, and is the ideal planning tool for any kind of outdoor adventure. Accompanied by its Colorado Recreation Map, you can be assured you are fully prepared for any outdoor excursion.

5th Edition 2015. ISBN 978-0-929591-12-4 Dimensions: 16"x 11". 144 pages.
Landscape Maps 1:200,000 Recreation Maps 1:500,000 (Eastern CO 1:1,350,000)

Recreation Maps:

CO Pg 38,39

CO Pg 20

Landscape Maps:

CO Pg 48,49

Landscape Map detail:

CO Pg 72,73